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Hear from the experts

Three leading CFOs share their best advice and experiences from first-time to seasoned CFO.
Find out how to make the jump from technical to strategic leader, and their advice for CAs climbing the ranks.

Jacqueline Purcell, CFO at Deputy
Jacqueline Purcell

CFO, Deputy

Rohan Higgins, CFO at Kyocera Document Solutions
Rohan Higgins

CFO, Kyocera Document Solutions

Maddalena Kosior-Molloy, CFO & COO at Homan Webb Lawyers
Magdalena Kosior-Molloy

CFO & COO, Holman Webb Lawyers

Designed for finance & accounting professionals, we’ve interviewed both first-time and seasoned CFOs to help you learn what it’s really like in the top position. 

We’ve also combed through the most important HBR, MIT, McKinsey and Big 4 research to help you understand the future of finance teams, how technology will reshape organisations & where AI-powered tools like Anaplan & Hyper Anna can supercharge work.

Whether you’re a CA climbing the corporate ladder or a first-time CFO or manager, download the report today!

In this whitepaper, you'll discover:
  1. First-time CFOs - Career lessons from three powerhouse CFOs
  2. The CFOs Role - Why the CFO must step up as CDO, CIO & CTO
  3. Technology - Where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming finance & accounting
  4. Tools - Discover the best new tools for modern finance teams

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