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What you will discover in this guide

Last updated in May 2021, this 40 page report is the go-to ‘Hyper Anna vs. Tableau’ guide.

Download to discover:

  1. Hyper Anna vs. Tableau: Hyper Anna and Tableau compared, side by side feature comparisons
  2. Data Visualisation vs. Insights: Analysis and storytelling is very different to dashboards
  3. Beyond Dashboards: The rise of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  4. The New Machine Age: Automated data discovery, self-service BI, machine learning and analytics


Factual product tests and feature comparisons for CEOs, CFOs, CDOs and leading decision makers.

Our customers say it best

Our most successful customers are serving their teams with insights like never before.

“When I saw Anna, I saw a huge potential in being able to open information to our people and being able to do it in a way that allowed them to inquire from their own point of view, I was blown away.”
Julie Batch
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, IAG
"We use Hyper Anna to report from a sales perspective,  it’s much faster to get data insights. The less time we spend creating reports, the more time we get to spend with our customers."
Camilo Hilario
Search Account Manager, Microsoft
“Anna does really change the way we operate and run our organisation, so from a data perspective, absolutely a game changer.”
Dave Abrahams
General Manager Data, IAG

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