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Key benefits

While it’s easy to build high-level financial reports, it's often very difficult and time-consuming to find deep insights and key business drivers. Hyper Anna enables access to pro-actively generated insights about your P&L metrics trends. Understand underlying drivers for changes in your data and ask questions about any area of your P&L to get answers in seconds.

How are we performing as a business?

Within the 'Discover' tab, you can access trends for all your metrics. They have been automatically generated and analysed in comparison with the previous comparable periods.

What’s driving this performance?

For each metric, 'What caused this' proactively tells you which factor contributed the most to this change. The factors analysed cover your standard Xero accounts and description, the specific groupings from your Custom Layout, your Tracking Categories and even some smart additional factors that Anna has created based on your data.

How Anna uses my data

What else should I know about?

'Unexpected changes' surfaces the key anomalies and outliers for each P&L metric. Anna sifts through the data and looks for unexpected patterns across your P&L. This is the guarantee to leave no stone unturned before finalising your management report.

What about this other area do I want to know about?

You can start by asking a preset favourite question and edit it as you wish using the filters bar on the top. You can also directly build your own using the small boxes underneath the Search area to help you structure your question.

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