Connect to Xero for AI-powered insights on your P&L data.

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Who is this for?

Accounting firms

Provide faster and better insights to clients and support your Virtual CFO services offering.

Small businesses and startups

Power-up your accounting, finance or analytics function to better support your business in making data-driven decisions.

Key benefits

While it’s easy to build high-level financial reports, it's often very difficult and time-consuming to find deep insights and key business drivers. Hyper Anna enables access to pro-actively generated insights about your P&L metrics trends. Understand underlying drivers for changes in your data and ask questions about any area of your P&L to get answers in seconds.

Prepare management / board reports and answer any question from the business

Monitor expenses

  • Quickly identify trends in the amount and number of expenses
  • Identify accounts increasing and decreasing
  • Detect anomalies within expenses

Drive ad-hoc analyses to improve business profitability

  • Identify opportunities to increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Access profitability by product lines and business areas in a few seconds
  • Understand the reasons behind any change in profitability

What customers are saying

Our most successful customers are serving their teams with insights like never before.
"The intuitive UX and dialogue function enables anyone in the company to ask Hyper Anna a question, making it easy to get the insights they need to run the business”
Finance Manager, Fishburners
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