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    “The less time we spend creating reports, the more time we get to spend with our customers." - Microsoft

    Where is your organisation today?

    Excel Analysis

    Offline, incredibly manually intensive, not repeatable, version control nightmares, tedious long work.  


    Not always comprehensive & difficult to get to to the ‘why’ - limiting decision intelligence.

    Analysis from analysts

    Takes time due to volume of requests. Talent shortage makes answers to key questions difficult. Business suffers.

    Answers when you need them. And no more spreadsheets.
    That's Anna.

    Key Features

    Integrates with services you already use

    Zero effort for anyone in your data team to connect Hyper Anna straight to your source systems.

    Automated data prep

    Smarts to deal with data quality & prep, so you're not waiting for an army of analysts or data nirvana to yield unprecedented business insights.

    Answers when you need them

    Intelligence at your fingertips. And no more spreadsheets. That's Anna.

    As granular as it gets

    The only BI solution that creates executive-ready dashboards & bespoke data stories automatically. Drill down to anything you like.

    Analytical excellence. Minus the lingo

    Uncover truths you didn't even know to look for, leaving no angle of your data unturned - the power of working with an AI-powered analyst who never sleeps.

    Ready for 'anyone' to explore

    Get presentation-ready packs in minutes; statistical results explained in plain english every time, so you're never left wondering 'what does this mean'.

    Bottom line. Why Hyper Anna?
    x10 faster than Power BI

    with added flexibility to adapt on the fly 

    3 minutes

    to transform raw data into executive ready insights, not weeks

    Fortune 500 users

    Like Microsoft, IAG, Westpac - servicing more people with data unlike ever before

    1M+ personalised insights

    automatically triggered for companies across sales, marketing , HR, procurement & finance

    Voted #1

    Award winning AI platform voted by Gartner, CB Insights, KPMG & Deloitte as a global innovator

    Hyper Anna works for all teams

    Discover how Hyper Anna unlocks the hidden value from your data and is a leading software of choice for major organisations around the world.

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    The only out-of-the-box AI-for-BI solution

    That keeps pace with ever-growing data and business demands. 
    Answers when you need them. That's Anna.

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