Create, curate & collaborate on game changing insights.

Anna not only discovers and creates insights automatically, but also illuminates hidden causes so your entire team can together, confidently focus on what matters most.

Intelligent decisions start with intelligent insights.

Hyper Anna synthesises millions of data points in seconds to give your team a heads up on important changes as they happen.

"Rather than going off speculation, we now have credible building blocks to understand our customers and where to reach them."

Finance Manager, APAC

Real Estate

Automate mundane work & focus on what counts.

Hyper Anna automates writing SQL, creating visualisations, writing headlines, setting alerts and scheduling reports.

“I was highly impressed with the speed of spinning up the results in Hyper Anna compared to Power BI. Using Anna I was able to go from data to actionable insights in minutes."

General Manager, APAC


Automated root cause analysis.

Identify the root cause in a single click. Giving you time to focus on actions, not hours or days wasted using pivot tables or dashboards.

"Hyper Anna makes my life easier. I see trends, nuances, opportunities and in a single click, discover the root cause. Fast insights at scale that help all my customers grow."

Global Sales Lead, Canada


Simple, online teamwork with all the facts

Hyper Anna gives your team clear insights and a shared canvas to communicate and resolve issues, and unlock new opportunities and potential.

"Anna surfaces the 3 or 4 things I need to worry about and allows me to add commentary so we as a team can immediately focus and resolve issues that matter."


Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company use Hyper Anna?

We’re glad that you asked! Hyper Anna is a new way for your entire company to get insights.

It replaces reliance on dashboards, reports or analysts with something faster, smarter and more personalised. Instead of waiting for analysts to answer your questions (most which will go unanswered), all insights hidden in your data are surfaced proactively, so everyone can get the right information at the right time.

If something has changed in your data, Anna will find it. She’ll tell you what it means, making it simple to share, discuss and take action. Helping everyone in the company get data-driven insights to get work done.

For more reading on the topic, we recommend taking a look at our Resources Library.

What makes Hyper Anna different?

Unlike traditional data visualization tools that require specialists to build reports and dashboards, taking weeks or months to get the answers you need, Hyper Anna does this automatically, and more.

Simply connect your data, confirm your insight preferences while Anna automates finding personalised, validated insights, and walk away with the tools you need to get personalised, validated insights, every time. Then subscribe your stakeholders so they are in the loop. That’s it!

To learn more, read about how Hyper Anna compares to Power BI, Tableau and ThoughtSpot.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Quick! SaaS customers can go live within minutes. For on-premise deployments, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to get the deployment ready.

Once the environment is ready, Hyper Anna connects to any database, or simply drag and drop a CSV file to get started. Within minutes, teams can configure Hyper Anna to fit what they what to see and when. Then voila! Insights straight to your inbox, right on schedule. Even better, when anomalies and outliers appear in the data that could be a cause of concern, Anna will let you know.

Learn more about how to deploy Hyper Anna and how it works.

What is Hyper Anna’s support model?

At Hyper Anna, there are no tiers of service - everyone is platinum to us, and we’ll prove it!

We’re here to find the best solution to your unique challenges, no matter where in the world you are. Armed with advanced degrees in computer science, actuarial studies and analytics, we’re not your typical client success team - we’re super human! We’ll roll up our sleeves, leverage our flexibility and expertise, and won’t stop until you get true value from your data.

Meet some of the super human people behind the customer engagement team.

Where is Hyper Anna most sticky?

C-suite leaders (CEOs, CFOs) & frontline teams (customer service consultants, salespeople) use Hyper Anna daily. Whether Anna forms part of a 15 minute daily stand-up or formal weekly meetings to track cadence, teams are engaged with data unlike ever before!

The key to Hyper Anna’s success is Missions. By creating Missions (and subscribing others), you are personalising what you want to see, what’s important to your work. This creates a space for all your reporting, your teams, your offices, your departments – to be completely automated by Anna. This means insights, as they happen, will go straight to your inbox, making it easy to stay on top on what’s happening.

Bottomline - Hyper Anna is popular among teams for a reason: it makes their work simpler, smarter and more productive. To learn more, read about how to collaborate effectively using missions.


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