Change the nature of data & analytics work. With Anna.

    Hyper Anna provides a clear roadmap for your team to build a data-driven enterprise, no matter where you are on your journey.

    Where is your organisation today?

    Excel Analysis

    Offline, incredibly manually intensive, not repeatable, version control nightmares, tedious long work.  


    Not always comprehensive & difficult to get to to the ‘why’ - limiting decision intelligence.

    Analysis from analysts

    Takes time due to volume of requests. Talent shortage makes answers to key questions difficult. Business suffers.

    Challenges every organisation faces in business intelligence

    30 - 40 percent of reports that businesses generate daily add little to no value

    Some are duplicative, and others go unused, with the result that considerable resources are wasted.   - McKinsey 2020

    Analysts drowning in requests. Hands tied by resource constraints

    Not having enough resources to cope with demand for analytics, leads to the ever-growing problem - “we have data, but no one can get value out of it”.

    Pressure to reduce costs. Without jeopardising growth

    With pressures from C-suite to run leaner, the cost of data & BI teams is a huge focus. Organisations need to ramp up data efforts while managing costs.

    Dashboard rich. Insights poor

    Dashboards aim to deliver insights - but visualisations alone are only one part of the insight equation. Without context, knowledge or the ability to drill down or see the business from all angles, visualisations are meaningless.

    Stuck waiting for data nirvana

    Traditional BI delivery models are still suitable for many situations, but they don’t offer the agility and efficiency that quickly changing business requirements demand - leading to high response times.

    Shaping BI teams for the future of work

    How does Hyper Anna change the nature of data & analytics work? What impact will implementation deliver?

    Data Democratisation

    You want to drive data adoption. But many people don’t know how to use data, and even when they do, it can be difficult to access. Hyper Anna makes it possible for people across your business to access data insights, without a degree in data science.

    Data Analyst Productivity

    It’s hard to find good talent, so you want your data and analytics team to be able to do more with less. Use the power of automation and enterprise AI to help your team increase its productivity.

    The Data Driven Enterprise

    You want to use data to inform decisions throughout your company. We will show you how drive value and democratise data. With a roadmap in hand, your team will be sailing toward an data-driven future.

    Solution Acceleration

    Best-in-class companies don’t wait until their five-year digital transformations are complete before thinking about streamlining data consumption. Instead, they make their business-intelligence capabilities available to employees on a self-serve basis from the start. Only then will they be placed to accelerate solutions that will fuel growth.

    Bottom line. Why Hyper Anna?
    x10 faster than Power BI

    with added flexibility to adapt on the fly 

    3 minutes

    to transform raw data into executive ready insights, not weeks

    Fortune 500 users

    Like Microsoft, IAG, Westpac - servicing more people with data unlike ever before

    1M+ personalised insights

    automatically triggered for companies across sales, marketing , HR, procurement & finance

    Voted #1

    Award winning AI platform voted by Gartner, CB Insights, KPMG & Deloitte as a global innovator

    Accelerate your journey to becoming a data-driven enterprise. With Hyper Anna.

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