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When is the right time to talk about BI & self-service tools

When is the right time to talk about BI & self-service tools

Natalie Nguyen
Whether you are working with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, implementing a data transformation program that delivers value right from the start is possible. With Hyper Anna.

Successful data transformations can yield enormous benefits.

According to McKinsey — one US bank expects to see more than $400 million in savings from rationalising its IT data assets and $2 billion in gains from additional revenues, lower capital requirements, and operational efficiencies. Another institution expects to grow its bottom line by 25 percent in target segments and products thanks to data-driven business initiatives.

Yet many other organisations are struggling to capture real value from their data programs, with some seeing scant returns from investments totalling hundreds of millions of dollars.

McKinsey & Company

In this article, we’ll look at how Hyper Anna can help data teams overcome the top 4 challenges with the ability to:

  1. ‘See As You Go’ — Reducing delivery cycle time and translating immediate progress to tangible use cases.
  2. ‘Instant Reconciliation’ — Reconciling data in your new infrastructure with speed and accuracy.
  3. ‘Automated Dynamic Dashboards’ — Delivering end-to-end use cases at speed and scale unlocking business buy-in and executive attention.

CHALLENGE #1: Lack of business buy-in for value of data transformation.

In order to show interim insights - attempting to get business buy-in - data teams traditionally follow a five-step process (see below) designing dashboards for business consumption. This often takes weeks to complete an MVP.

This time consuming and inefficient process becomes an even bigger bottle neck especially during a data transformation project where data maturity and scope is constantly in flux. Following this approach often results in wasted effort when underlying data gets re-scoped or modified.

Comparison between Tableau, Power BI and Looker on data to insights capabilities.

SOLUTION #1: See As You Go — Reduce delivery cycle time. Translate immediate progress to tangible use cases.

In contrast to the traditional approach of building dashboards as delivery outputs, Hyper Anna automatically transforms data (whether that’s from AWS S3 Bucket or Azure SQL or any other cloud infrastructure) to insights that can be consumed by business teams and stakeholders — in minutes.

Hyper Anna also automatically adjusts layout, user flow and drill downs as underlying data objects get updated and modified — eliminating the need to build/rebuild and update dashboards.

This enables data teams to deliver tangible assets to the business at a significantly faster rate — facilitate scaling up and delivering tangible business value at each step.

Data to insights in minutes with Hyper Anna's Discover feature

What others are saying | Telecommunications — APAC

Product Team Lead — Responsible for $150M in annual Revenue

“Hyper Anna is user friendly, where I don’t need to set up any dashboards or learn code to see insights from our latest data build or extracts. In terms of analytics, performing correlation analysis for example is easy — I can easily see what’s doing well, and what’s not. This would have previously taken me a significant amount of time to do what Anna does in a few minutes.”

CHALLENGE #2: Manual effort required for reconciliation and remediation of data quality issues.

A key challenge in any data migration or modernisation project is making sure that the new set of numbers are correct. There are always going to be data quality issues. So having the capability to find the source of discrepancies quickly and a process to resolve — without manually trolling through every row of data — is key.

The most common method to reconcile data is manual — creating different pivot tables views and comparing the new set of numbers across primary data sources. However, this process is manual, intensive and time consuming — especially, if someone (or multiple people) have to do this again. And again. And again.

SOLUTION #2: Instant Reconciliation — Reconcile with speed and accuracy.

It is possible to eliminate much of the burden that comes with manual reconciliation — reconciling with both speed and accuracy. Specifically, Hyper Anna can help with instant reconciliation in two ways:

1. Hyper Anna’s ‘What Caused This’ capability provides an automated breakdown for every measure in the dataset, effectively building all the necessary breakdowns to help the BI and Data teams speed up the reconciliation process.

2. For the ‘down in the detail level’ discrepancies that are hard to spot at high level breakdowns, Hyper Anna’s ‘Unexpected Changes’ capability automatically surfaces anomalies and outliers which are instant indicators for potential data quality issues.

By leveraging recent advances in BI technology such as automated insights, Hyper Anna immediately surfaces data quality issues, propelling data and BI teams as subject matter experts to investigate and resolve, less time spent in pivot tables.

What others are saying | Telecommunications — APAC

Product Team Lead — Responsible for $150M in annual Revenue

“The turnaround time to get insights is way faster than extracting data and creating pivot tables and analysing those tables. It saves me the hassle and I can start to investigate and drill down into areas I know are problematic and bring it to the team to discuss further. Bottom line — in like for like tests, Hyper Anna is 10x faster than PowerBI.”

CHALLENGE #3: Data doesn’t get enough board and senior management attention (e.g. seen as an IT issue, not considered as a business asset).

Delivering and demonstrating value to the wider business — including senior stakeholders — is critical for multi-year transformation projects. Although data and technology teams will be stuck in the trenches managing data quality issues for some time, this is no excuse to starve the organisation of insights. Nor is it wise to rely on legacy BI tools, requiring data teams to manually build Power BI or Tableau dashboards that will be immediately out of date upon delivery.

SOLUTION #3: Automated Dynamic Dashboards — Deliver end-to-end use cases at speed and scale.

Leveraging advances in AI, Hyper Anna delivers value 10x faster than traditional dashboard tools such as Power BI or Looker. Instead of data teams having to use traditional BI tools or relying on teams to deliver insights, new generation BI technology like Hyper Anna deliver end-to-end use cases at speed and scale.

As the CDO of JPMorgan Chase, Rob Casper, observed, “The thing that achieves buy-in and builds momentum better than anything is success . . . trying to deliver in small chunks incrementally and giving people a taste of that success [is] a very powerful motivator.”

Hyper Anna delivers: executive KPI dashboards, insight discovery and collaboration — all in one tool — offering a radically more intuitive and sleek experience for the business users.

Coupled this with advanced analytics features such as ‘What Caused This’ and ‘80/20 Principle’ enables the business to unlock new tangible values such as automated root cause analysis and 80/20 — Hyper Anna delivers end to end use cases to the wider business and senior management at scale and speed. The power of analytics, designed for executive consumption.

What others are saying | CFO, Financial Services — APAC

“This is what we need. Anna exposes the 3 or 4 things I need to worry about and I can even add my own commentary to not worry about it. Anna is finding the problems that matter — and we can think about how to resolve which is what is important.
Compared to the pivots on pivots and size 4 font dashboards that I’m used to, this is so much easier for me to read. It’s like comparing trying to read and interpret the old share price tables in the paper vs. googling the share price.”

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are working with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, implementing a data transformation program that delivers value right from the start is possible with Hyper Anna. Business Intelligence that accelerates your data and digital transformation.

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