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Hyper Anna: How did COVID-19 change our startup culture?

Hyper Anna: How did COVID-19 change our startup culture?

Chelsea Wise

We were recently invited to sit down with CMO/co-founder of Remote Social and ex Adobe, Gerardo Contreras Vacca.

In this conversation, we share behind-the-scenes stories of how at Hyper Anna we prioritise a culture of customer love and demonstrate core values - in both good and tough times. Then getting a little bit personal, Chelsea shares how she prioritise mental health and how Hyper Anna quickly reinvented its marketing as as a result of COVID-19.

Enjoy the full conversation here.

  • What does Hyper Anna do? - 2:15
  • What was it like as a startup shifting to remote working? - 7:20
  • What was the hardest part? - 12:00
  • What is the culture like at Hyper Anna? - 13:40
  • On customer love - 16:00
  • Culture defined: "What you do in hard times" - 17:30
  • Team tips: What worked for us - 23:10
  • Getting personal: Balance, burn out and new mom life - 28:00
  • How marketing changed as a result of COVID-19 - 37:35
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