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How I Became CFO - Jacqueline Purcell, CFO at Deputy

How I Became CFO - Jacqueline Purcell, CFO at Deputy

Chelsea Wise

Jacqueline Purcell is the Chief Financial Officer at Deputy, a workforce management company with global offices in Australia, the UK and the US. She joined Deputy after several successful years serving as CFO at Culture Amp, a people and culture platform headquartered in Melbourne.

Taking a look back at Jacqueline’s career journey, her path to becoming a CFO has been anything but traditional.

She started her career as an attorney and pursued her MBA from Stanford University, after which she joined Morgan Stanley. It was after 8+ years in M&A deal-making at Morgan Stanley, that Jacqueline had a career-altering realisation about the CFOs that often sat directly across from her: they incorporated and applied deep operating experience to their decision-making.

This realisation is what inspired Jacqueline’s pursuit of becoming a CFO. Determined to apply her deep investment banking experience with an operational lens, Jacqueline eventually stepped into her first CFO role in 2017. Today, she joins us to reflect on what she’s learnt along the way.

In partnership with Chartered Accountants, Jacqueline shares her best advice and experiences from first-time to seasoned CFO.

  1. PART 1 - JOURNEY - From Attorney to Investment Banker to CFO - ​p.8
  2. PART 2 - INTERVIEW - From the Mindset to Polishing to Becoming CFO - ​p.10
  3. PART 3 - OPPORTUNITIES - From Data to Metrics to Breakthrough Growth - ​p.12
  4. PART 4 - TOOLKIT - From Technology to Tools - ​p.24


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