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Asking the Right Questions of Your Data

Asking the Right Questions of Your Data

Chelsea Wise
In this video podcast, learn how companies can overcome common obstacles in the journey to becoming data-driven and discover how data analysis tools like Hyper Anna do the heavy lifting for you, finding insights that you would not have known to ask for.

​We were recently invited to participate in ​Marshall McAdam​'s​​ ​Data + Analytics ​podcast​.​ The​​​ episode was a super interesting conversation with Hyper Anna's Chelsea Wise and Knose ​Pet Care ​Co-Founder/CEO Tiaan Dreyer​, taking ​about the practicalities and obstacles involved when properly implementing ​data and ​analytical ​capabilities.

Thank you so much to ​our partners in conversation Joram Falkenburg and Tiaan Dreyer for a fun ​and insightful session​!​

Enjoy the full conversation here.


  • What does Hyper Anna do? - ​5:30
  • How do you know how to ask the *right* questions of your data? - ​8:30​
  • What types of data does Hyper Anna analyse? - 15:55
  • On anomaly and outlier detection: Can the data tell me something that I'm not asking for? - 19:23


  • Is your company drowning in reports, spreadsheets or pivot tables? - ​7:00
  • How many days/weeks does it take your company to get data-led insights? - ​8:00
  • Common data challenges - 11:00
  • Data analytics for small & medium businesses - 13:45
  • AI & predictive analytics - 20:59
  • Biggest things holding companies back on the journey to becoming data driven? - 29:16
  • Types of insights most valuable to CEO & co-founder of Knose, Tiaan Dreyer - 17:00
  • How to build a data + insights culture? - 44:21
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