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4 big data solutions for small businesses

4 big data solutions for small businesses

Natalie Nguyen

It's hard to escape all the talk about big data. Armed with actionable information, companies can more effectively and efficiently market to customers, design and manufacture products that meet specific needs, increase revenue, streamline operations, forecast more accurately, and better manage inventory to hold the line on related costs.

But can your business afford to take advantage of it? 

This blog covers 4 self serve analytics solutions which aim to help small businesses to leverage analytics across a wide range of business activities: finance, web traffic, marketing and product.

1. Hyper Anna (with Xero integration) for finance

Hyper Anna’s 1 click Xero integration brings together the power of advanced analytics and management accounting. With 1 click, any company having access to a Xero account with financial data can access insights about their revenue and cost instantly.

A key challenge for small businesses to leverage advanced analytics to drive better bottom line is that it often requires specialised skills in both accounting and data analytics. Using artificial intelligence, Hyper Anna platform mimics the thinking and process of management accountants to create actionable insights within seconds and at a fraction of the cost - think 50c a day for all your revenue and expense insights.

Accessing financial data in real-time gives every arm of your business a competitive edge. Want to know how to improve your profit margin? Ask the data. Want to reduce operating expense? Look at the data. Need to identify the most successful product line? The data knows all.

What if getting actionable insights can be as simple as doing a search in google?

Register here: https://www.hyperanna.com

2. Google analytics for website performance

Google's free digital analytics platform, gives small businesses the tools to analyze website data from all touchpoints in one place. 

With Google Analytics, you can extract long-term data to reveal trends and other valuable information so you can make wise, data-driven decisions. For instance, by tracking and analyzing visitor behavior — such as where traffic is coming from, how audiences engage and how long visitors stay on a website (known as bounce rates) – you can make better decisions when striving to meet your website's or online store's goals.

Register here: https://analytics.google.com › analytics › web

3. Kissmetrics for marketing 

Looking to increase your marketing ROI? Kissmetrics is a platform that enables you to understand, segment and engage your customers based on their behavior.\With Kissmetrics, you can create, manage and automate the delivery of single-shot emails and ongoing email campaigns based on customer behaviour. The platform measures campaign impact beyond opens and clicks.

With Kissmetrics, you can create, manage and automate the delivery of single-shot emails and ongoing email campaigns based on customer behavior. The platform measures campaign impact beyond opens and clicks.

Register here: https://www.kissmetricshq.com/

4. Amplitude for product

Analysis with Amplitude is fast and with templates for reports and dashboards, you don't need to be an analyst to understand your users behaviours. Cover a wide range of popular analysis types such as: event segmentation, funnel analysis and customer journey, product managers and engineers alike can quickly release launches and AB test results.

Register here: https://amplitude.com/

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