Our Story

Hyper Anna was founded in 2016 by Natalie Nguyen, co-founder and CEO.‍

As a seasoned data scientist across enterprise clients and industries, she realised that the process to get insights was broken:

  1. Dashboards don’t work. They don’t give people the quality of insights they actually need.
  2. Hiring extra analysts to get insights works. But it’s expensive and doesn’t scale.
  3. Even with the combination of tools and analysts, it still takes on average five days to get a data-led answer - an insight - to a single business question. Five days!‍

Leveraging advances in AI and machine learning, Hyper Anna makes the discovery of insights possible. This means faster, better insights that scale. For everyone. For every industry. For every organisation. And doing this in a way that gives people joy.

As of October 2021, Hyper Anna has officially joined the Alteryx family!

This is an exciting milestone as we come together to deliver the next generation of automated analytics, fuelling insights at scale for customers all around the world.

You can read all about it here.

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Hyper Anna: Think Automation and Insights

Our Mission

To enable everyone, regardless of their analytical background, access to data insights.

We’re on a mission is to democratise data for all teams, and remove all the barriers that stop anyone from getting insights themselves. To do this, we have built an AI powered data platform called 'Anna'​ that is transforming how businesses use data.

Anna proactively, effortlessly, scans data and presents the insights back to the user in just a few seconds. No need to wait on dashboards to be built or reports to be written, our software empowers everyone to be curious about data.

Hyper Anna is used by businesses looking for a simple and secure way to analyse their ever-growing data, uncover opportunities for breakthrough growth and share findings, automatically all in real time. Think on-demand proactive intelligence, so you can pinpoint exactly what’s going on, faster than your competitors.

Anna can be easily deployed onto any cloud platform or on-premise, and she is already a trusted colleague at some of the world's most prestigious brands.

Built for the new generation of leaders and employees using technology to optimise their business. Not teams stuck in their old, manual reporting ways.

An award winning Automated Insights platform voted by Gartner, CB Insights, KPMG and Deloitte as a global innovator. Find your breakthrough moments with Hyper Anna.

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