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Are you operating on opinions, hindsight or insight?

In Part 1, we argue that access to data alone is insufficient for building a culture of insight. After defining world-class, we provide a quick, five-question diagnostic tool to sense check whether your organisation operates on hindsight or insight.

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Getting to the "why" - Tableau vs Hyper Anna

After a report dashboard is presented to management, the analyst's work is not done. It all sound too familiar when they ask you "why has it happened?" or "what caused this to happen?" Getting to the why is always a tedious job, and having to juggle both existing workload and ad-hoc queries is the bane of any analyst.

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Solving a problem starts by asking the right question.

Proactive and suggested insights, generated by machine learning, is the difference between biased and unbiased discovery.

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How AI is used in your every day life.

Ever wondered how AI affects your everyday life? Or maybe you haven’t! There is a lot that AI is currently being used for, that you may not even know be aware of. From scheduling meetings, creating movie thumbnails, responding to emails, to analysing data, these are just some novelty applications of AI that look to change the fabric of future work.

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Security at Hyper Anna

Data security and privacy is vital part of what we do. We leverage industry standards when it comes to security solutions.We serve a large number of customers who have some of the highest security requirements, from banks, insurers, government agencies and more.

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