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4 big data solutions for small businesses

This blog covers 4 solutions which aim to help small businesses to leverage analytics across a wide range of business activities: marketing, website performance, revenue and cost, and customer demographics.‍

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3 ways data analytics can make or break a small or midsize business

With AI-powered analytics capabilities, insights can be generated automatically and intelligently at a fraction of the cost - think 50c a day for all the insights that you need to run your business. In this article, we cover 4 ways AI-powered analytics can make or break a small or midsize business.‍

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Getting to the "why" - Tableau vs Hyper Anna

After a report dashboard is presented to management, the analyst's work is not done. It all sound too familiar when they ask you "why has it happened?" or "what caused this to happen?" Getting to the why is always a tedious job, and having to juggle both existing workload and ad-hoc queries is the bane of any analyst.

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Solving a problem starts by asking the right question.

Proactive and suggested insights, generated by machine learning, is the difference between biased and unbiased discovery.

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