Business Intelligence

What does the future of work for analytics look like?

In Part 3, we conclude this series presenting a 3-step framework for reducing the cost of insights, enhancing - not sabotaging - your organisation’s ability to make decisions. Which jobs are most at risk? Where does automation make sense? And what should BI and Insights teams look like 12 months from now?

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Where do people go for insights?

In Part 2, we review the 5 most common sources of insight in organisations today: (1) source systems (SAP, Oracle), (2) dashboard reports (Tableau, Qlik, Power BI), (3) Microsoft Excel, (4) BI and Insights teams and (5) the role of professional services.

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Are you operating on opinions, hindsight or insight?

In Part 1, we argue that access to data alone is insufficient for building a culture of insight. After defining world-class, we provide a quick, five-question diagnostic tool to sense check whether your organisation operates on hindsight or insight.

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