hyper anna for finance

Say goodbye to mundane billing processes and manual financial reporting.

“Hyper Anna is a must have system for our finance team to prepare bill reporting.” - CFO

50% fewer

internal meetings

x200 faster

than manual reporting

Insights in minutes

not days or weeks

customer story
“With Hyper Anna we were able to increase profitability by 20%.”

From manual and mundane. To Hyper Anna.

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Why finance teams use Hyper Anna
4 hours of work, now takes minutes

"Hyper Anna is a must have system to prepare bill reporting. Plus, Anna spots things I wouldn't have never had known to look for.”

- Billing Analyst

Newfound capability to get insights

"Hyper Anna makes my life easier. Insights are deeper than ever before, and reviewing is pain-free and much quicker."

- Finance Manager

Resolves issues as they arise

"We're no longer left hanging. With Anna we settle matters, with evidence from data, as they arise in meetings.”

- Finance Director

Keeps mundane admin to a minimum

"Anna fulfils our increasing appetite for data: decision making backed by data (not gut feel) & keeps mundane admin analysis to a minimum."

- Finance Director

Trusted by the best
Transport for NSW

Who is it for?

Finance Directors

Completely underserved
with insights, despite responsible
for financial outcomes.

Business Stakeholders

Get monthly updates, but it’s too little, too late. Fails to drive their daily conversations & cadence.

Reporting Specialists

Spend all their time with manual,
time consuming reports,
there’s no time to find insights.

Look at your finance reports. Then look at Anna's insights.
You decide.

Personalised, uncomplicated & hassle-free finance insights. You’ll love it. We’ll prove it.

Hyper Anna, think automation and insights.

Eliminates analysis, reporting,
updating PowerPoints & pointless
internal meetings.

WHAT WE give you

Personalised data stories straight to your inbox. Telling you what, why and what's next. In real time.

See Anna get finance insights
See how Hyper Anna works on finance data
Watch a 3-Minute Demo

    Need insights?

    The #1 question we get asked:  “How is Hyper Anna different to other tools?” Data teams love The Question. So we’ve made life easy peasy.

    Tip: We recommend scheduling a 1:1 so the team can test drive Anna’s insights on your data.

    Proof is in the pudding!

    Our data is a mess!
    Can we still use Hyper Anna?

    Yes! Your data & systems might be a mess. But people still need insight. Anna’s built to handle this. We’ll show you how in 3 simple steps!

    Getting started is easy!
    Connect your data

    powering weekly reports & meetings.

    Confirm your insight preferences

    while Anna automates finding personalised, validated insights.

    Subscribe your stakeholders

    to receive insights. That’s it!!

    Need more info?

    Talk to a Hyper Anna product expert and learn how you can get started.