hyper anna for complaints

Complaint handling: Now with next level productivity & a ton of results.

“Hyper Anna completely automated the manual process of pulling together complaint reports. Game changer!” - Team Lead

Highest grade

of service ever

x200 faster

than manual reporting

Insights in minutes

not days or weeks

customer story
“We were completely dependent on manual reporting that should have been automated a long time ago. ”

From manual and mundane. To Hyper Anna.

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Why customer complaint teams use Hyper Anna
Easier & faster insights

"Anna is so much easier to look at than the daily spreadsheet we used to receive. Now I know exactly who I need to focus on for the upcoming week."

- Service Line Manager

Team-winning insights & performance

“Anna is so fun, its interactivity makes for better coaching conversations. As a result, we achieved the best Grade of Service of all time!"

- Team Lead

Next level coaching

“As I can see who is behind high 'Ring Out No Answer' (RONA) calls, I can have much more targeted coaching conversations to improve this.”

- Team Manager

Productivity doubled

“Hyper Anna makes my life easier. Insights are deeper than ever before and since implementing Hyper Anna, our productivity has doubled!"

- Executive General Manager

Trusted by the best
Transport for NSW

Who is it for?

Complaints Officer

Completely underserved
with insights, despite responsible
for performance outcomes.

Complaints Managers

Get topline numbers everyday, but nothing specific. Fails to drive their
daily conversations & cadence.

Reporting Analysts

Spend all their time with manual,
time consuming reports, there’s
no time to find insights.

Look at your complaints reports. Then look at Anna's insights.
You decide.

Personalised, uncomplicated & hassle-free complaints insights. You’ll love it. We’ll prove it.

Hyper Anna, think automation and insights.

Eliminates analysis, reporting,
updating PowerPoints & pointless
internal meetings.

WHAT WE give you

Personalised data stories straight to your inbox. Telling you what, why and what's next. In real time.

See Anna get complaints insights
See how Hyper Anna works on complaints data
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    Need insights?

    The #1 question we get asked:  “How is Hyper Anna different to other tools?” Data teams love The Question. So we’ve made life easy peasy.

    Tip: We recommend scheduling a 1:1 so the team can test drive Anna’s insights on your data.

    Proof is in the pudding!

    Our data is a mess!
    Can we still use Hyper Anna?

    Yes! Your data & systems might be a mess. But people still need insight. Anna’s built to handle this. We’ll show you how in 3 simple steps!

    Getting started is easy!
    Connect your data

    powering weekly reports & meetings.

    Confirm your insight preferences

    while Anna automates finding personalised, validated insights.

    Subscribe your stakeholders

    to receive insights. That’s it!!

    Need more info?

    Talk to a Hyper Anna product expert and learn how you can get started.